When you enter the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio program through the Department of Fiber and Material Studies, you will engage in a research-based, concept-driven investigation of the relationships among materials, processes, and ideas in current contemporary art.

While working in your individual studio, you may explore a broad range of media and methods that utilize our departmental facilities:

Fiber and Material Studies Faculty (Leaders in the Field)

Supportive faculty include founders of contemporary work in Fiber and Material Studies and artists who continue to re-examine and redefine the media. While the Department of Fiber and Material Studies offers a strong peer community in addition to respected faculty members, you are encouraged to move among departments to expand your art-making processes and integrate techniques from other disciplines into your work.

Visiting Artists

The department hosts visiting artists, curators, critics, and historians. Past guests have included:

Graduate Studio Projects

A cornerstone of the SAIC graduate studio program is its focus on tutorially guided studio practice. Each semester, you will select from more than 100 graduate faculty advisors representing myriad disciplines, approaches, and intellectual positions. As the main component of your studies, MFA 6009: Graduate Projects allows you to develop your work with faculty who guide you through an informed dialogue around content, form, theory, and professional practice.

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