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Arts Administration and Policy

Cultural policy, artistic practice, and arts management are continuous and integral aspects of the cultural landscape. It has long been recognized that the arts perform and function through complex, intersecting networks and systems, and in this context the administrator plays a crucial role.

The Department of Arts Administration and Policy recognizes this through an approach that studies the interplay between institutions, policies, and practices in the arts and how each engages with the others to continually shape culture. A range of undergraduate- and graduate-level classes open to students in the school's other areas are also offered. These courses address structural and institutional strategies, cultural policy, and professional practices.

The Department offers a two-year graduate program that culminates in the Master of Arts (MA) in Arts Administration and Policy. In addition, it collaborates with the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism to offer a three-year Dual MA Degree in Arts Administration and Policy and Art History, Theory, and Criticism.

SAIC was the first art school to develop an in-house arts administration department, and this unique placement has enabled students to forge interdisciplinary and collaborative projects that break down barriers between artists and administrators. In Management Studio, students practice working in teams and consider a variety of artistic methodologies related to deep listening, collaboration, planning, and design.

For undergraduate students, Arts Administration and Policy offers interdisciplinary Academic Spine courses, numerous electives, and an undergraduate pathway suitable for artists, designers, educators, managers and entrepreneurs who seek a broader understanding of the many art world settings they may seek to work in.


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