Explore the faculty profiles below to learn more about the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s renowned architecture, interior architecture, and designed objects faculty.


George Aye Profile georgeaye@saic.edu
Eric Ellingsen Profile eellingsen@saic.edu
Thomas Kong Profile tkong@saic.edu
Ann Lui Profile alui@saic.edu
Carl Ray Miller Profile cmiller@saic.edu
Anders Nereim Profile anereim@saic.edu
Benjamin Nicholson Profile bnicholson@saic.edu
Lisa Norton Profile lnorton@saic.edu
Helen Maria Nugent Profile hnugent@saic.edu
Douglas Pancoast Profile dpancoast@saic.edu
Tim Parsons Profile tparsons@saic.edu
Hennie Jurie Reynders Profile hreynders@saic.edu
Jonathan D Solomon Profile jdsolomon@saic.edu
Tristan d'Estree Sterk Profile tsterk@saic.edu
Samuel Stewart-Halevy Profile sstewarthalevy@saic.edu
Jim TerMeer Profile jtermeer@saic.edu

Affiliated Full-Time

Pablo Garcia Profile pgarcia@saic.edu
John Manning Profile jmanning@saic.edu
Dan Price Profile mprice2@saic.edu


Brian Anderson Profile banderson1@saic.edu
John C Beierle Profile jbeierle@saic.edu
Brandon J. Biederman Profile bbiederman@saic.edu
Sharon Anne Burdett Profile sburdett@saic.edu
Ross Carl Profile rcarl@saic.edu
Dana M Carter Profile dcarter@saic.edu
Karma Chaoul Profile kchaoul@saic.edu
Jessica Charlesworth Profile jcharlesworth@saic.edu
Cynthia Coleman Profile ccoleman@saic.edu
Odile Compagnon Profile ocompagnon@saic.edu
Sarah Kelly Costello Profile scostello@saic.edu
Eric Davis Profile edavis7@saic.edu
Paul Dean Profile pdean@saic.edu
Robert Drinkwater Profile rdrinkwater@saic.edu
Garret Eakin Profile geakin@saic.edu
David Ellis Profile dellis3@saic.edu
Mary K. English Profile menglish1@saic.edu
Peter Exley Profile pexley@saic.edu
Diane Fairchild Profile dfairchild@saic.edu
Neil Frankel Profile nfrankel@saic.edu
Lee R. Fritz Profile lfritz@saic.edu
Maris E. Garcia Profile mgarcia10@saic.edu
Jacob D. Gay Profile jgay@saic.edu
Jess Giffin Profile jgiffin@saic.edu
Ceci Gomez Profile agomez1@saic.edu
George Guffey Profile gguffey@saic.edu
May Hawfield Profile mhawfield@saic.edu
Milad Hosseini-Mozari Profile mhosseinimozari@saic.edu
Eric Allan Hotchkiss Profile ehotchkiss@saic.edu
Giles A. Jacknain Profile gjacknain@saic.edu
Anna M. Jaworska Profile ajaworska@saic.edu
Guinevere Kristina Johnson Profile gjohnson8@saic.edu
Jaak Jurisson Profile jjurisson@saic.edu
Donald Kalec Profile dkalec@saic.edu
Richard Kasemsarn Profile rkasemsarn@saic.edu
Seth A Keller Profile skeller4@saic.edu
Clive Henry King Profile cking7@saic.edu
Annalee Koehn Profile akoehn@saic.edu
Mie Kongo Profile mkongo@saic.edu
Tannys Langdon Profile tlangdon@saic.edu
Patrick Legein Profile plegein@saic.edu
Nathan C. Lentz Profile nlentz@saic.edu
Clemenstien Love Profile clove@saic.edu
Taylor Rhodes Lowe Profile tlowe@saic.edu
Casey C. Lurie Profile clurie@saic.edu
Ken Maschke Profile kmaschke@saic.edu
Taylor McKenzie-Veal Profile tmckenzieveal@saic.edu
Jiyoung Moon Profile jmoon7@saic.edu
Gregory Mowery Profile gmowery@saic.edu
Erik Newman Profile enewman@saic.edu
Michael Newman Profile mnewman3@saic.edu
Kimberly J M Pancoast Profile kmarshallpancoast@saic.edu
Zach Arles Pino Profile zpino@saic.edu
Laura L Prieto-Velasco Profile lpriet1@saic.edu
Bo Rodda Profile wrodda@saic.edu
Andrew Santa Lucia Profile asantalucia@saic.edu
Brendan Kempe Scanlan Profile bscanlan@saic.edu
Eli Daniel Sidman Profile esidman@saic.edu
Stephanie Slaughter Profile sslaughter@saic.edu
Nathan A. Sosin Profile nsosin@saic.edu
Paul Tebben Profile ptebben@saic.edu
Theodore J Thomas Profile tthomas7@saic.edu
Daniel Tornheim Profile dtornheim@saic.edu
Andrew J. VanMater Profile avanmater@saic.edu
William Walton Profile wwalton@saic.edu
Shane Robertson Ward Profile sward2@saic.edu
Lee Weitzman Profile lweitzman@saic.edu
John White Profile jwhite7@saic.edu
Dante Jermaine Wilkins Profile dwilkins@saic.edu
Tyler Yager Profile tyager@saic.edu
Peter J Zerillo Profile pzerillo@saic.edu


Andrea Reynders Profile areynders@saic.edu