Current Featured Courses

External Partnerships: Whatnot Studio

Fall 2018

External Partnership courses are structured collaborations between SAIC’s Designed Objects program and design fairs, events, product manufacturers and retailers. Whatnot Studio is a course that brings design experiments to life as real products. The Whatnot brand has been developed by SAIC’s Designed Objects program over seven years as a platform for showcasing the results of this year-long studio. 

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Design Action: Homan Square

Fall 2018

This multidisciplinary studio will build upon previous analysis of housing developments in North Lawndale, including some in historic districts, and newly proposed strategies for the production of affordable housing in underserved neighborhoods, to collaborate with community organizations, schools, and businesses on a supportive housing program.

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External Partnerships: Make/Move: Experiments in Urban Mobility

Fall 2018

This two semester experimental research and making studio, takes Chicago as an exemplar and focuses on the future of urban mobility and what data-driven, technological systems it will require. In addition to examining specific urban mobility behaviors within a city in order to identify new opportunities, students expand and rethink mobility by designing, making and deploying objects, tools, devices (possibly internet connected) and events, for creating greater insight into how and why people and things move around the city.

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Pedways: Chicago Underground

Fall 2018

Inviting students to explore the unique forms of study that occur below the surface, Pedways: Chicago Underground posits alternative narratives for the Pedway and the city through research, engagement, and art and design interventions on the space of the Pedway itself.

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SAIC Design @ Homan Square

Fall 2018

SAIC Design @ Homan Square combines professional practice design experience with community activism. Operating out of SAIC’s facility in the Nichols Tower at Homan Square, this studio course engages students in a focused dialogue on social project implementation in Chicago and provides the tools and frameworks to realize those projects. 

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