Current Featured Courses

Design for Nonhuman Kinds: Toys for Elephants

Spring 2019

Design for Nonhuman Kinds is a course series that asks students to think “outside the human,” by decentering human perception and subjectivity in favor of animal thinking. This semester will challenge students to design and build cognitive tools that enrich the lives of elephants in captivity.

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Process(ing) Transformation: Inclusive Approaches to Repurposing Closed Chicago Public Schools

Spring 2019

What happens to communities when schools close in their neighborhood? What could be the role of design in enabling civic participatory processes to collectively imagine new uses for these schools? 

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Topics in Design Research

Spring 2019

The studio/seminar advocates for the emergence and the mobility of research in design.  Our goal is not to merely amass results, but rather, with the aid of results to demonstrate how design research can adapt itself to new procedures

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SAIC Design @ Homan Square

Spring 2019

This course combines professional practice design experience with community activism. Operating out of SAIC’s facility in the Nichols Tower at Homan Square, this studio course engages students in a focused dialogue on social project implementation in Chicago and provides the tools and frameworks to realize those projects. 

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Critical Artifacts

Spring 2019

An interdisciplinary elective for senior undergraduates or graduate students interested in exploring design concerns.  The Critical Artifacts seminar-studio allows for serious play, experimentation, and for the deliberate entanglement of theory and practice.

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Architecture on Display

Spring 2019

Curating architecture inhabits a double bind: curating implies the care, collection, and display of objects; architecture is not object-centric and instead defines itself as a stance towards the activity of building. 

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Contemporary Issues in Design: Objects and Spaces for Angels and Machines

Spring 2019

This is an experimental, transdisciplinary class. Students will develop objects and spaces while working with 2D and 3D materials, digital and physical. The formats will range from props, scripts, costumes, and video, amongst others.

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Advanced CNC Milling

Spring 2019

Using Rhinoceros and 3D scanning students will generate complex forms for fabrication on both the 3 axis CNC in the Sullivan Fabrication Shop (SFS) and an offsite 7 axis robot mill.

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External Partnerships: Make/Move

Fall 2018 / Spring 2019

This two semester experimental research and making studio, takes Chicago as an exemplar and focuses on the future of urban mobility and what data-driven, technological systems it will require. 

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External Partnerships: Whatnot Studio

Fall 2018 / Spring 2019

External Partnership courses are structured collaborations between SAIC’s Designed Objects program and design fairs, events, product manufacturers and retailers. Whatnot Studio is a year-long course that brings design experiments to life as real products. 

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