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August 15, 2017

Designer Artist Citizen Site: Exploring Belonging

Designer Artist Citizen Site: Exploring Belonging will create an independent exhibition that responds to, expands, and challenges the U.S. Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, “Dimensions of Citizenship,” commissioned by SAIC and UChicago. 


Read more about Exploring Belonging here

External Partnerships: Sight Unseen Presents

This two-semester long course (Winter and Spring) engages select mid-and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with the particular concerns and constraints of ‘real-world’ projects. Working with design influencer Sight Unseen, students will design and execute work to be exhibited in Sight Unseen Presents, an event that pairs designers with retailers, galleries, and restaurants throughout NYC as part of NY Design Week.


Read more about Sight Unseen Presents here

Critical Artifacts

An interdisciplinary elective for senior undergraduates or graduate students interested in exploring design concerns.  The Critical Artifacts seminar-studio allows for serious play, experimentation and for the deliberate entanglement of theory and practice. 

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Design Storytelling

This studio introduces various techniques that will allow the articulation of ideas to be foregrounded. A comprehensive reading list of literature and film texts will be read and screened throughout the class alongside studio practice. Students will progress from research methods, 2D sketching and mapping, to exploring the use of physical models and time-based media; such as film and animation.

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Digital Communication for Presentation

The course focuses on developing skills in the latest digital tools, including vector illustration, page layout, typographic and visual composition and data visualization for both printed and on-screen materials. As well as aiding object design development, the tools covered will enable the successful communication of storyboarded scenarios, design research, and finished objects for portfolio or on-line presentation.

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Capstone 4900: Undergraduate Projects

The course provides an intensive, mentored environment in which students will develop focused, self-directed projects under the guidance of two AIADO faculty and produce design projects to a standard suitable for exhibition.


Read more about CAPSTONE 4900 here

Contemporary Issues in Design: Smart Intersections: Connecting Communities Through Interventions

Students in "Reimagining Smart Interactions with Communities" will work through their practices to create interventions at street intersections around Chicago.

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