Departmental Colloquium is a weekly graduate-level seminar built around visiting speakers and student led discussions. It is required for all Arts Administration and Policy students and provides a key platform for students to engage in a sophisticated way with current debates in the field. A different theme is framed each semester in response to developments in the field and to current student interests. Up to two student-organized panels are hosted each semester.





If You Build It, Will They Come? The Arts as Economic Redevelopment, 12/5/06:
A Panel Discussion with Laurie Palmer (artist, faculty at SAIC), Blair Benjamin (Associate Director of the Williams College Center for Creative Development and Director of Community Development for MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA), Paul Bonneville (editor of Columbus RetroMetro, Columbus, OH), Jennifer Hill (Program Officer at Ruth Mott Foundation, Flint, MI). Organized by Liz Blackburn, Melissa Matuscak and Bevin Ross, MAAAP candidates 2007.
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Vasif Kortun, 11/14/06:
Vasif Kortun is the director of Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center in Istanbul. He was the founding director of Proje4L Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, Director of the Museum of the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, and co-curated the Istanbul Biennial. He examines the challenges of art and its institutions, new forms of collaborations, and critique of exhibitions, biennials, art fairs, and alternative spaces.
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Anan Ameri, 10/31/06:
Director of ACCESS’ Arab American National Museum, Anan Ameri described the long successful journey to complete the first Arab-American museum, from planning to opening in Dearborn, MI. 
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Nato Thompson, 10/17/06:
Alumnus of the SAIC Arts Administration program, Nato Thompson engages in a discussion of alternative curatorial practices, opportunities to create a resistant visual culture, and his experience of curator at MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of? Contemporary? Art).
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Toby Miller, 10/10/06:
Toby Miller is Professor of English, Sociology, and Women’s Studies and Director of the Program in Film & Visual Culture at the University of California, Riverside. He illuminates how cultural policy can take advantage of diverse disciplinary approaches to the study of culture, and can be studied via textual analysis, political economy, and ethnography.
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Carrie Sandahl, 4/26/06:
Disability Identity Politics and Performance Assistant Professor at Florida State University's School of Theatre, Carrie Sandahl, discusses disability performance and issues of identity and politics. Active in the disability rights movement, her academic research and theater practice explores the intersections between gender and disability identities as represented in the performing arts.
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Alumni Panel, 4/19/06:
Same program, different paths
Arts administration alumni Elain Ng, Keri Butler, Gillian Power, Kathy Frederickson, Jen Moran present their current projects and endeavors. By describing where their degree in Arts Administration took them, they are sharing their experiences and giving tips to current students to find their ways into the art world.
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Adelheid Mers, faculty, 4/12/06:
Mapping the artworld
From philosophical definitions of the terminology to taxonomies of art movements, Adelheid Mers presents in her maps one of the infinite possible understandings of the relations between artists, critics, institutions, audiences?
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Technology Art & Authorship Panel, 3/22/06:
How does technology change authorial position? Does technology "translate?" How does distribution change reception? Is technology-based art more interactive? How does software "author" work? Catherine D'Ignazio (ikatun) , Jeff Talman (sound artist), and Jeff Zimbalist (Director of Favela Rising) discussed issues of technology, art and authorship in the panel curated by Kerry Schneider.
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Tomas Ybarra-Frausto, 3/1/06:
(Re)Generation of Chicano(a) art
The fascinating story-telling by Tomas Ybarra-Frausto unveils the complexity of transculturation. Discussing the (Re)Generation of Chicano(a) art, he takes us for a journey into Latino cultural production and into the understanding of the mestizo sensibility. 
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Jim Cuno, CEO, The Art Institute of Chicago, 2/22/06:
The object of art museums
What can museums do to retain, or regain, our trust in an era when art institutions are tempted to pursue policies "driven not by a mission but by the market?" Cuno presents his understanding of the challenges of leading the Art Institute of Chicago, one of our nation's greatest civic museums, offering views on the role of art museums in the 21st century.
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