SAIC technology requirement

For more than 140 years, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has been committed to providing the best and most innovative art education possible. SAIC seeks to ensure that, when you graduate, you are fully conversant with the tools that technology can provide. In order to ensure integrated curricular technology and equal access to a wide range of software, technical support and training, SAIC has instituted a technology requirement consisting of two parts: a school-wide laptop requirement and a technology fee.

Laptop requirement

All incoming undergraduate students, with the exception of second-degree students, are required to enroll in the SAIC Laptop Program. The specific laptop package is selected by SAIC to best meet the curricular and student-life needs at the School of the Art Institute. To learn more about the SAIC laptop package and how to order, click here.  

Technology fee

All students enrolled for six or more degree credit hours are charged a technology fee. This fee enables a student to access wireless and wired networking, curricular software in computer classrooms and labs, and CRIT Help Desk support and training. In addition, students with a qualifying laptop computer can access curricular software both on and off campus. The 2014–15 technology fee is $265 per semester.