Leila Wilson I run the Writing Center and teach in the Liberal Arts and Writing Departments at SAIC. Please let me know if you have any questions about making appointments or getting the most out of your tutoring sessions. I also want to hear about your experiences in the Writing Center so that we can build upon the work we do with you and continue to offer helpful feedback on your writing.
Alicia López Castañeda I am a graduate student in the Writing Department. Writing and I, we go deep. So I know writing can be hard, but I know it can be satisfyingly fun too. My philosophy is "joy is essential to learning." So I want to help others (re)discover the joy in embracing the process. P.S.: Why yes, I do love picture books.
Luna Goldberg I'm a first year student in the MA in Art History program, though my undergraduate studies focused on cultural studies, social psychology, and museum studies. I just returned from a year of research in Israel looking at the work of political artists in the region. I am excited to meet students and help them think through their ideas and develop their writing practice.
Ambrin Ling I am a graduate student in the Low-Residency program and did my undergraduate in Studio Art and Psychology. Some of my more eclectic reading tastes include comics, old cookbooks,—it's so comprehensive!—and baby name books. I have a great metaphor about how writing an essay is like baking bread.
Ned Marto Prior to enrolling in the Modern and Contemporary Art History, Theory, and Criticism graduate program at SAIC, I attended Illinois State University, where I studied history and women's and gender studies at both the undergraduate and graduate level. My current work focuses on the collusion between text and image in scholarly publications. I have a cat named Kevin. He is orange.
Madison Potter I am an MA Arts Administration and Policy student and new Chicagoan. I studied fiber and textiles while earning my undergraduate degree, and I love talking and writing about art! Nothing is better than a well-crafted artist statement.
Courtney Prentiss I am a first-year graduate student in the Architecture program, but my undergraduate degree is in Mathematics and Visual Arts. I enjoy meeting with students of all backgrounds to develop and discuss ideas. I am a firm believer in the power of outlines and proper grammar.
Will Wiebe I'm an MFA Photography student with a penchant for compound sentences and the theoretical terms of structural Marxism, yet I shy away from overdetermined expressions. I love seeing ideas take shape and seeing those shapes take to the page.
Ian Wojcikiewicz I'm a graduate student in the MFA Writing program, and as a young undergraduate I studied English Literature. I love writing (and outlining), I love reading, and I love talking with other people about writing and reading. I am a believer in helping others realize their own writing talent and come to an awareness of how our writing can help to unpack and organize the myriad of thoughts in our heads, helping us in our practice and beyond. I am also a big fan of slightly chilly basements, making the Writing Center a perfect fit.