"The Art of Innovation": Huffington Post Blog

Walter E. Massey | July 19, 2012

Recently I spoke at the Committee on Institutional Cooperation’s Global University Summit to a group of higher education leaders from around the world on the topic of innovation—or more specifically, "developing talent to drive innovation in a global society." The audience consisted of presidents, chancellors, and provosts of major research universities from around the world. As president of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), I was the lone representative from an art and design school, so I took the opportunity to share what institutions like mine can contribute to global of innovation.

As a longtime cultural enthusiast, yet somewhat new president of a school of art and design, I have a newfound appreciation of the importance of the kind of education offered by these schools. Subsequently, my views on what drives innovation in society have broadened as a result of being in this new world. As a physicist and erstwhile "science guy," I have honed my views on innovation through the lens of science and technology—and the established and almost canonical scientific paradigm.

An oversimplification of that paradigm goes like this: basic research uncovers new insights and understandings leading to engineering and new products, devices, and methodologies, which then spawns new innovative enterprises.

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